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UKRAINA HEAKS! Yellow Nörk Rack


Tamma Design will donate all its profit from the Yellow and Blue colored Nörk Rack clothes hanger sales to the campaign “For Ukraine!" (Ukraina heaks!).

They are Estonian NGOs to help internally displaced people in Ukraine.

Support them directly:

*We will exclude only direct material costs from the donation. 

A rope clothes hanger. The hooks move up and down so that it is comfortable for both kids and grownups. Nörk Rack is designed to hang from the ceiling or a beam, it is small and easy to move from one place to another and discrete enough to take up minimal space.

Only 300g
Fits 25 coats
Lightweight and super strong

Certified load tested.
The max allowed load per hook 43 kg (before slipping)
The hanger mounting eye max permissible load 82.6 kg (before slipping)

MATERIAL: Rope: nylon (climbing rope). Hooks: strong resin
SIZE: 2,25m or 3m. Hooks: 5 adjustable hooks + metallic ceiling hook

To be hung from the ceiling, beams, pipework, hooks
Made in Estonia

BRUNO Winner, Best product design for a human environment, Tallinn 2016

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