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Nörk Rack - clothes hanger

An award-winning clothes hanger inspired by mountaineering. The rope is incredibly strong and lightweight. The hooks can be easily moved up and down so that it is comfortable to use for both kids and grownups. The product is designed to hang from the ceiling or a beam, it is small and easy to move from one place to another and discrete enough to take up minimal space.

The Estonian name, NÖRK RACK comes from a combination of two words, rope and hook.

NÖRK RACK rope is incredibly strong, lightweight and supple. It can support human weight at great heights which makes it perfect to hang even your heftiest clothes. The hooks that turn our technically advanced ropes into cleverly designed house accessories are the result of long research into mountaineering equipment, nautical tools and functionally designed homeware. Each hook is designed to hold in place as soon as any weight is laid on them, and yet to glide freely along the rope to adjust for height.

Static Friction hook concept - A hook that locks on the rope when diagonal angle and pressure is created. Static frictional forces are created between interlocking of the irregularities of two surfaces. For example, when the coat is lifted you can easily more the hook up and down.

BRUNO Winner, Best product design for a human environment, Tallinn 2016